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Bristol Hospital Awards Profiles In Medicine Award To Its Adult And Pediatric Hospitalist Group

BRISTOL, Conn.—Bristol Hospital and Health Care Group Inc, has named its adult and pediatric hospitalist groups as recipients of the Profiles in Medicine award. The Profiles in Medicine award is given twice a year to recognize members of the Bristol Hospital medical staff in honor of their service, dedication and contribution to the advancement of health care in the community. Both physician groups were honored at the Profiles in Medicine Program that took place recently at the Chippanee Golf Club in Bristol.
“I am very pleased that we have talented and qualified doctors to handle any emergency or problem in the hospital 24 hours a day,” said Kenneth Rhee, MD, president of the Bristol Hospital Medical Staff.
Dr. Rhee added that the adult hospitalist team led by Medical Director Jitesh Vachhani, MD, serves as the liaison between the specialists, primary care physicians, patients and families.
“We offer compassionate inpatient care to any patient who needs to be admitted to the hospital, and we get them on the right path to a future of good health and follow-up medical care,” said Dr. Vachhani.
Bristol Hospital is one of the few community hospitals in the state that still maintains a pediatric hospitalist program. The team provides consultation service for the Emergency Department and treats all pediatric patients admitted to the hospital. 
“The pediatric hospitalists are always available to provide care to children from newborn to adolescence,” said Leonard Banco, MD, the hospital’s chief medical officer. “They work closely with obstetricians and pediatricians in the community to ensure the highest quality and coordination of care.”
The pediatric hospitalist team is led by Director Mitchel Katz, MD, who also serves as chairman of the Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Katz said the pediatric hospitalists spend the majority of their time working with the obstetricians and nursing staff on the hospital’s Families are First Unit to identify and remedy any issues with newborns.
“The entire pediatric hospitalist team is fully certified in neonatal resuscitation and every delivery at Bristol Hospital is attended by a pediatric hospitalist,” said Dr. Katz. “We monitor the infants during their hospital stay and provide communication to the outside primary care physician in order to ensure a seamless transition of care.”
The Profiles in Medicine Program also featured the unveiling of a new plaque that will be installed in the hospital lobby. The plaque honors past leaders of the medical staff for their effort and dedication to Bristol Hospital and the community.