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Health and Wellness Resources 

As part of Bristol Hospital’s comprehensive care we want to provide you with the knowledge to live a healthy life.  

Health Screenings

Blood Pressure Screenings
Breast Health Risk Assessment and Management Program
For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our Breast Health Navigator at 860.585.3659
Every Woman Should Be Able To Have A Mammogram
Please call the Beekley Center for Breast Health at 860.585.3999 or Woman’s Health Resource at 860.589.2642 to fi nd out if you qualify for a free mammogram

Maternity Birthing Classes

Birthing Skills – Prepared Childbirth
New Baby Care Class


One-Day Express Birth Preparation
I’m Going to be a Big Brother or Sister!
Breastfeeding Workshop


Free Joint Replacement Seminars
Free Foot Screenings

Parenting: The Nurturing Families Network

Nurturing Connections Home Support
Nurturing Connections Telephone Support

Parenting: School Aged Children

Communicating with Your Child 
Disciplining Your Child 
Raising a Responsible Child – Rules, Chores, and Consequences
Children, Self-Esteem and Emotions 

Parenting School Aged Children

Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurturing Heart Approach 
The Explosive Child

Parenting Family Wellness

Cooking Matters in the Store
Moving and Learning
Play and Learn Groups
Family Cook

Personal Health and Development

Crime Prevention: Protect yourself and your family from today’s criminal.
Smoking Cessation: Quit For Someone You Love 
Smoking Cessation Group 

Stress Relief

Massage Therapy Services

Senior Health

Geriatric Medicine Series Dementia- What We Know Now and What Lies Ahead
Dementia- What to Expect so you can Plan in Advance
Brain Function Exercises - How and What to Do
How to Promote Quality of Life in Patients with Dementia
Dealing with Depression, Anxiety and Diffi cult Behaviors in Patients with Dementia

Support Groups

Grief Support Group
Epilepsy Support Group 
Circle of Hope Survivor Support Group
Evening Diabetes Support Groups
Alzheimer’s Support Group
Support Group for Parents of Children with Challenging Behaviors
DADS! Full Circle: Group especially for dads! 
Support for grandparents!