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Women’s Health Resource

Women’s Health Resource is a mammography service of Bristol Hospital. Accredited by the American College of Radiology, the all-female staff at Women's Health Resource has specialized training in mammography.
A Comprehensive Approach to Breast Health

It is still not certain what causes breast cancer. We do know that the biggest risk factor for getting this disease is simply being female. Any woman can get breast cancer; more than 70 percent of all women diagnosed had no prior family history of the disease. Mammograms play an important role in breast healthcare, as early detection of cancers and prompt treatment result in the highest rate of cure.

One Out of Eight Women Will Develop Breast Cancer
The Women's Health Resource Four-Step Program

At Women's Health Resource, our goal is to help women protect themselves from breast cancer. We recommend all women actively participate in a four-step preventive health program consisting of clinical exams, self-exams, mammography and follow-up.
Clinical Exams
Your regular health checkups should include a clinical breast exam. We recommend you use this opportunity to talk to your healthcare provider about your own risk for breast cancer. 
Breast self-exams are a good method of detection that should be performed monthly. At Women's Health Resource, we'll show you how to perform a self-exam and how to recognize what's normal for you, as well as potentially abnormal changes. 
Mammography at Women's Health Resource is a safe, low-dose breast x-ray which can find breast cancer even before it can be felt.

The mammogram is done by placing the breast between two plates that press it firmly while the x-ray is taken. This compression of the breast is important for getting a good mammogram. We find that women differ in the amount of pressure they feel during this brief procedure. You may find it reassuring that all of the technologists at Women's Health Resource are female and understand that this process can be an awkward one for many women. 
The results of your mammogram will be provided directly to your physician by Women's Health Resource. Taking the time to thoroughly review your results and deciding if any follow-up actions are needed are a critical part of completing your total breast health picture. We'll refer you to a physician if you don't have one and set up the appointment for you. Plus we'll make sure you receive a reminder when your next regularly scheduled mammogram is due.

The Highest Level of Skill

Women's Health Resource is accredited by the American College of Radiology, which means you will get the highest-quality mammogram. Our technicians are certified radiologic technologists with advanced certification in mammography. All results are carefully interpreted by specially trained, board-certified doctors called radiologists, all of whom are members of the Bristol Hospital medical staff.

Each year over 7,000 mammograms are performed at the facility's two locations:
Bristol Hospital Radiology Department, Brewster Road, Bristol
Bristol Radiology Center, 25 Collins Road, Bristol

Scheduling an Appointment

Call Bristol Hospital's Radiology Department at 860.585.3020 or the Bristol Radiology Center at 860.589.2642 to schedule an appointment time that's convenient for you. The entire appointment will take about half an hour. Authorization from a physician is not required to schedule a mammogram.

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