Spine Health Program 


Advanced level spine care is available right here at Bristol Hospital. Our highly trained team offers a comprehensive, coordinated and conservative approach to back pain focusing on non-surgical treatments, in addition to advanced surgical options. Add that to our exceptional patient outcomes and personalized care experience, and we’ll have you back on your feet and moving in no time.
The team at Bristol Hospital’s Spine Health program attacks back pain from all angles. Non-surgical treatment options are key to get you results quickly and efficiently. As part of your holistic treatment plan, you will immediately feel the benefits of a variety of therapies all working together to restore mobility, build strength and stability and help you cope with the mental stress, fear and anxiety sometimes associated with back pain.
The Spine Health program team believes that surgery isn’t always the best option. Through conservative treatments, they will lessen the effects of back and neck pain using noninvasive techniques when appropriate. In some patients, reducing tension and stress as a part of your overall treatment plan can have major and lasting effects on back joints, muscles and ligaments, potentially helping you avoid surgery altogether. 
If surgery is needed to address your back and neck pain, you can rest assured that our team will offer the most advanced and comprehensive options tailored to your specific need.
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